k h o u a n s i v a (silentmusik) wrote in you_love_mhs,
k h o u a n s i v a

So Megan wants us to write in here more...

...and I just remembered news!

It doesn't affect the seniors but here it is: Schloemp will not be directing any more plays.

Sadness, I know. So you can just disregard that list of plays he was considering that I posted. I know it's really sad. Just stop thinking about it!

On a better note, I'm going to be doing makeup for three of the MSND fairies, one of them being Maddie! I have NO IDEA how the play is going to turn out at all since I haven't seen any of the rehearsals, set pieces, or costumes.

How is the fairies' makeup going to look? Is it going to be really fantastical and colorful or natural cept with glitter? I want it to be BRIGHT. MAC has inspired me.
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