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I just realized that i am lucky to have known all of you and i wish i could be around you all more but i also realized that if this move to tennessee doesn't kill me it'll just prepare me for life....I hate the idea of moving but once i do i'll make new friends and a new life for myself i am excited to start anew and get all of my shit together i hate saying this but i am glad to be leaving some of you behind not because i don't like you but because i like you too much for my own good i have been dealing with a lot lately but that won't stop me hell this move could give me a chance for "GOOD CALEB" to come back out
i will miss you all a great deal but i'll get over it......
Lately i have been drifting away from you all and that is very disconcerting to me but i know it's for the best i will continue to sing and act and i will work on my people skills with a completely opposite culture and i will stay in touch with those of you who i believe will come back into my life later on i am trying to figure out what to do about college cause i've ultimately fucked myself 800times over with grades but i'll do something about it
if you notice i'm stressed and frazzled don't worry it's just me dealing with way too much than i should be but it's my choice cause if i wasn't always busy i would never get anything done!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to get out of California and into a completely different culture and lifestyle(well not so much on the lifestyle)
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